Dean Approaching Possum Point

Possum point coal ash pond

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Introducing Riverkeeper Dean Najouks

As the Lower Potomac Riverkeeper, Dean Naujoks contends with many sources of pollution that threaten the condition of the river.  One of these sources, the Coal Ash Disposal Ponds at Possum Point Power Plant, has not only drawn the attention of Naujoks, but also that of local residents, environmental activists, and state legislators.

Coal ash disposal leeching chemicals into the groundwater and river

Dean and environmental groups are concerned with Dominion Power’s claim that their coal ash disposal program is safe. We follow Dean as he fights against what he sees as a serious threat to not only the Potomac River, but also the health of those who live near its banks.  

Coal Ash disposal pond

Take action

Take part in Dean's campaign; send a letter to Virginia's attorney general.